Who we are

We are the Earth Spirit Society of Nova Scotia. We are…

“A community of spirit; not of geography. We came together seeking kindred spirits and common causes. We come together, electronically and in person, seeking involvement with those who value Earth and Spirit. We share ideas and points of view. We act to make a difference as we can.” – John

“… a group of individuals from a mix of religious traditions and spiritual paths largely composed of neo-Pagans and eclectic individuals that work together to serve and educate our communities.

[Activities include] arranging neo-Pagan ritual[s] based largely on the eight Indo-European seasonal celebrations. … We gather to work together and learn from each other…People may join the organizing committee upon 75% approval.” – Adam

“… Pagans, believers in the earth which we live upon, and the skies which we look up to. We try to make this earth, the Mother of all creation, a better place for all that reside here… We… embrace our talents, beauty, and uniqueness. We are all connected… we are all one.” – Maeve