Volunteer at AEGIS 2023

AEGIS works because of volunteer contributions.  Each attendee is required to perform one volunteer duty.  Below is a schedule for all volunteer Duties and a description of the activities involved for each. Opposite each schedule, there is a blank registry of Volunteer Duties.  Once we have received your deposit, you may choose your Volunteer Duty. The first deposit we have received gets first choice, the second deposit we received will get second choice, and so on.  These will be updated to the schedule to show what has been taken.


Presenting rituals or workshops may be accepted as Volunteer  Duty, if we have sufficient attendees. If attendance is insufficient for all duties, some duties may be longer than listed.


You can request your Volunteer Duty here: AEGISPaganFestSpiritualRetreat@gmail.com


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Feast Prep, Serving, Clean up – 18 shifts


Kitchen – Sanitizing cookware and surfaces, preparation of basic ingredients and mixing of same under Feast Director’s direction. Peeling and dicing ingredients. Some heating of ingredients.  Proper storage and handling of foodstuffs for the gathering.  General cleanup.


All kitchen volunteers: Meeting – 9:00am Saturday

Festwatch – 9 shifts


Tour site occasionally. Confirm safety of each fire pit. Make sure no fires or candles are unattended. May be done by Walkie-talkie.  Respond to calls. Keep an eye on possibly problematic issues/locations.   Tag immobile drunks with glow stick. Log incidents. Brief Watch Co-ordinator and replacement.

First Aid – 5 shifts


Be on call during shift. Listen for air horn or walkie-talkie. Update journal, ensure supplies are adequate (especially water).  Brief replacement and 1st Aid Coordinator.

Parking – 4 shifts


Welcome attendees and direct them to Registration and an appropriate parking space.

Registration – 4 shifts


Welcome attendees. Ensure everyone fills out a Registration Form and signs up for a Volunteer Activity. Collect donations. Inform them of basic information (provided).   Brief replacement.

Pottie Patrol – 9 Shifts


Check each facility each hour. Clean or report if necessary. Report to Campground owner if anything needs replacing, or if a major cleaning is necessary.  Ensure supplies are adequate. (Campground owner takes very good care of these areas)

All Purpose Excellent Volunteer – 11 Shifts


Help with any assistance requested in the campground area. Assist people who have mobility issues.